Greyhound Chefs in Theatre

NEW this week to The Greyhound Hotel in Lutterworth is a bit of theatre. Proprietor, Robert Eggleston has spent a load of money on equipment to bring the back of house to the front of house and give you an entertaining evening of sizzle, surf, turf and grill.

The Greyhound Chefs (Steve and Will) like a bit of theatre, so we’re putting them centre stage in an area adjacent to the restaurant where you’ll be able to see them perform and be entertained as they grill, sizzle and carve your choice from the Main Catch, The Grill or the Carvery.

It’s different to anything else we’ve ever done before and probably different to anything you’ve experienced in Lutterworth before! 

When is it happening? – EVERY FRIDAY from 7pm.

Menu changes weekly as the fish is fresh from the market and as well as firm favourites, we’ll be serving what has been landed that week. All the fish is displayed in a cabinet in the restaurant as is a selection of sirloin steaks and chicken kebabs. For more menu ideas visit Sizzlin Friday.

Sizzlin Friday is a lively, fun evening where you can talk to the chefs as they prepare the food. If you like fresh fish, something from the grill or perhaps a carvery on a Friday night, then give the Greyhound Hotel in Lutterworth a visit. Call 01455 5 53307 to book your table or email us [email protected].

Better still – visit us this Friday!!