Abolutely Fabulous Darling

Fabulous? Absolutely! Comedy Dining at The Greyhound

Saturday, 28th Sept 2019

The girls are all attending a Gala, Saffy having been dragged along, only to arrive and find out that they are not on the guest list. They try various means of entering the party, only to get hideously drunk and be thrown out.

The evening starts in the bar area at 7.30pm with Patsy, Eddie and Saffy mingling with the guests, Saffy trying to keep control of the situation as Patsy and Eddie are generally making a nuisance of themselves taking peoples drinks etc.

Saffy comes back with the seating plan and they realise they are not invited, so they decide to sneak in by pretending to be part of the staff.

An absolutely fabulous comedy night out with welcome drink, 3-course meal in The Christina Room, and three hours of classic comedy.

What a way to spend a Saturday night in Lutterworth!

More details, menu and how to book here >>>>

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